Between two and four.

Between the continents.
Between two and four wheels.
Between snow and sweating: Northern California and Oregon in early June.



I'm in Trondheim, Norway. Two days ago I landed in Europe again. Suddenly I am back in the same time zone like my friends and family. A weird feeling. Because it no longer feels 'far away'. That was the reason for some sadness a while ago. It meant that I will not travel to South America. At least not at the moment. Fortunately, the continent doesn't run away. It wasn't easy for me to make that decision, so I always had been looking forward so much to South America. I traveled to Chile and Bolivia 5 years ago and the vast expanse of South America, the Andes, the culture and not least the language gave me great Wanderlust. My health, however, decided against it. And like everything in life, it sometimes takes time. The pain goes away. I began to look forward to Norway and Sweden. Now I cycled the first 35 km from the airport to Trondheim and was greeted by a beautiful light and my two dear Warmshower hosts. Everything is right as it is.



Before my flight Jesse and I made a small roadtrip through Northern California and Oregon. We slept on the car with a mattress. This felt like gl-amping (glamour camping) for me. We went hiking and cycled many of the local mountain bike singletrails. A real pleasure... So we constantly switched between the car and the bikes and enjoyed cold mountain rivers, great views and peace.



After four months break I suffered from a little shock two days ago. I sat again for the first time on my classic packed (!) touring bike. My God was that heavy. My legs and my fitness have to get used to the weight again. Norway's hills, mountains and fjord landscapes will require that very quickly ;)


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